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Ground Floor, Black Star Line Building,
Room No. 1, Tema Harbour,
Private Mail Bag,
Comm. 1 Post Office, Tema.
Ghana, West Africa.

+233 284 990 236
+233 244 990 236

Email: info@seablueghana.com

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy
Anti-money laundering legislation is deemed  relevant in most  African countries especially GHANA makes it necessary for SEABLUE GHANA (e-cedi)  to make known to the  public its anti-money laundering policies  to ensure we comply with money laundering regulations and will  not accept payments and  receipts  that expose our noble  company to possible criminal fines and penalties.

Hence we believe that individuals, corporate entities and institutions intend to use our services will read through and unconditionally agree to below AML policies and requirements.

SEABLUE GH (e-cedi)  WILL NOT do or transact  business with any individual or corporate entity or institution which is highly suspected to engage in money laundering or  funds  have been sourced illegally and will consciously report such entity to the right authorities to be dealt with legally.

Money laundering is defined as the act of converting money or other monetary instruments gained from illegal activity into money or investments that appear to be legitimate so that its illegal source cannot be traced.

SEABLUE GHANA (e-cedi) views Money Laundering as a serious criminal offence, and as such, complies with regulatory requirements intended to forestall and prevent money laundering in the following ways.

These include: 

  • Ascertaining customer’s identity to know if they are trustworthy and in anyway not connected to money laundering activities.

  • Retaining transaction and identification records for a minimum period of five years. 

  • Training staff rigorously and continuously in terms of anti-money laundering regulations. 

  • Monitoring and reporting any and all suspicious activities to the anti-money laundering authorities. 

  • Supervise and oversee that all transactions and information in the system is correct and complies with applicable laws.

Please be advised that SEABLUE GH (e-cedi) has the right to refuse a transaction at any time should suspicion arise that it may be connected to money laundering or any other criminal activity.

In addition, it will report this suspicious activity in order to comply with said regulations, and internationally accepted laws and customs which also prohibits SEABLUE GHANA (e cedi) from disclosing this information.

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